Traffic curbs for WC match tomorrow

Parking has been banned on:

* Both sides of Queen's Road from CTO Circle to Queen's Circle
* Both sides of M G Road from Anil Kumble Circle to Queen's Circle
* Link Road
* Both sides of the road along the venue
* Both sides of Central Street
* Both sides of Cubbon Road from BRV Junction to Dickinson Road Junction. No vehicle, except BMTC buses, can be parked on Cubbon Road from Kamaraj Road Junction to Dickenson Road Junction
* Madras Bank Road from SBI Circle to Ashirvadam Circle
* Museum Road from M G Road to Madras Bank Road and up to Residency Road
* Kasturba Road from Queen's Circle to Hudson Circle
* Grant Road (Vittal Mallya Road) from Siddalingaiah Circle to RRMR Circle

Alternatively, vehicles can be parked in the following places:

* Members and spectators should park their vehicles at the St Joseph's Indian High School ground
* First floor of Shivajinagar Bus Stand

Only police vehicles can be parked at the BRV Grounds.

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