Pepper separating machine a boon for farmers

Pepper separating machine a boon for farmers

Pepper separating machine.

In the recent years, owing to the shortage of labourers, the growers are finding it difficult to harvest and separate pepper from its bunches. To reduce the work, few farmers have developed machine to reduce their work.

A farmer Mahabaleshwar Bhat from Kodapadavu in Vittal of Dakshina Kannada has invented a machine that simplifies the task of separating pepper from peppercorns. The machine runs on electric power. The machine is fitted with half Hp to 3 Hp motor.

There is a rotator inside the machine, which is fitted with a belt from the motor. The pepper bunches are put into a funnel-like structure. Once the rotator turns, pepper is separated from its bunches. The machines are available in various models. Some machines can separate one quintal pepper from its bunches in one hour. There are others which can separate six to seven quintal pepper. Several farmers in Kodagu have started showing interest in the purchase of the machine.  

Ravindra of Napoklu has purchased this machine. He says “it is a best suitable for separating pepper from its bunches. It works out with less strain. It is better, if one uses this machine after keeping pepper for a day after its harvest.” For details one can contact: Mahabaleshwar Bhat at 08255-267475.