Worked for CWG OC? Give character certificate to get job

Worked for CWG OC? Give character certificate to get job

This is the question being asked by prospective employers to hundreds of people who had worked with scam-tainted Commonwealth Games Organising Committee in different capacities.

These erstwhile employees of OC claim that they are forced to run from pillar to post to get a job in the wake of the CBI investigations into alleged irregularities in the conduct of the Games and arrest of certain OC officials.

Adding to their woes, they claim, that Organising Committee officials are virtually unreachable if they have to convey any grievance.

They alleged that OC staff are being given the pink slip without any intimation and adequate compensation.

"It is very inhuman. They (OC authorities) are asking us to go without any prior notice. How can I find a new job in a day or two? My whole family is in trouble," said Lajwanti, a peon with the OC fired by authorities yesterday.

There are many like her who are given a golden handshake by the OC authorities without notice.

"They put the name of the employees to be ousted on a noticeboard. One day, when I came to office, I found my name on the list informing me to leave the organisation without any notice," said Vimay Kumar, who was working in the technology division as Admin Assistant.

The erstwhile employees claim that they are facing a lot of problems in getting jobs outside due to the tarnished image of the Organising Committee.

"Everywhere I go, the interviewers ask me to submit a character certificate from my bosses at the OC to prove that there is no pending enquiry or investigation against me. It is really discouraging," an employee said requesting anonymity as he is yet to get a certificate from the Games body.

Certain Commonwealth Games Organising Committee officials are facing probe by the Central Vigilance Commission, Central Bureau of Investigation, Income Tax department and Enforcement Directorate officials over alleged financial and managerial irregularities in executing projects for the sporting extravaganza held here between October 3-14 here.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Games OC Jarnail Singh could not be contacted for comments.

"We have to relieve all our employees by this month-end in a phased manner. We are following government's directive in this regard," a senior OC official said.

The OC had initially employed around 1,600 workers. While over 400 were relieved after the Games were held, 300 workers are still employed with it.