Tableaux enthrall crowd

Tableaux enthrall crowd

The main tableaux, which attracted the people, were that of Tourism Department depicting Hampi's Ugranarasimha and Belur's Shilabalike. A tableau from Gadag offered was a tribute to Pt Puttaraj Gawai, the renowned Hindustani vocalist, who died recently.

The Belgaum tableau displayed Rani Chennamma, while Bijapur and Bagalkot reprised several historical monuments and moments.

Mysore and Kodagu too did well to showcase their places of attraction, while Chitradurga and Yadgir sang praises of the famed warriors, Madakari Nayaka and Surpura Venkatapappa Nayaka respectively.

Sun, shade and water

As thousands of them walked along the streets braving the scorching heat, many people stood and waited to provide shade to the weary walkers, and some provided them a relief of cold water.

Satish Attimarad, a resident of Yamkanamaradi in Hukkeri taluk of Belgaum district, had arranged hundreds of cans of packaged drinking water to  the artistes and visitors slaked their thirst.

"People come here for Sammelana, we may not be able to do something for Kannada, but at least be of some help to the people who come for Sammelana," he said.
He had set up three water counters where free and safe water was served to the people. By noon, Satish has exhausted over a hundred cans of water.

Several others like Satish stood to the help of the visitors over there offering chairs in shade and water to quench thirst.