Office fashion: Who's the boss?

Office fashion: Who's the boss?


So the new season is here and also a host of experts who will dictate what is the in thing this season and what's not. Not everything that you see on the ramp translates into wearable every day fashion. Here’s some help!

Gunit Kaur, accessory designer

The young designer who showcased her collection at Delhi Fashion Week last recommends, "If you are the boss and you want to set a palatable degree of accessory overdose then choose what you wear accordingly, for you will be the example that everyone else will follow. If you are an employee then take a cue from your boss. Wear your accessory closet a few notches down. It is always a safe bet to wear elegant and simple jewellery. Nothing too chunky or clanky that will stand out like a Christmas tree dressing. In summers choose to go with pure metals like silver or gold as not only does it look good but it also eliminates the possibilities of allergies. Add real stones to it as it further eliminates any allergies as you will be wearing the piece for more than eight hours. Especially in summer as sweat reacts with metal. Wear any colour that catches your fancy."

She adds, "women always look beautiful in elegant pendants that are pretty yet not distracting. Slim single hoops will also be in this season. So stock them up in all colours. For men I recommend bracelets and rings which again are not too chunky or ostentatious. Minimalistic design that is also practical works well for men. Make sure that it is so designed as to not snag on someone's garment (or your own) every time you extend your hand to shake it."

Swati Mehrotra, accessory designer

Swati Mehrotra who presented her latest collection at Delhi Fashion Week A/W 09 under the label Swatimodo opines that formal jewellery for both men and women this season has to be simple yet bold. According to her, "This season get more out of the same accessory eg., wear a basic garment and use chunky jewellery and accessories to dress it up. A definitive trend that we see this season is the neckpiece being used as part of the garment. It is the most overpowering element in your ensemble. Shoes should not be too busy but yet should leave statement."

Volker Kachele, The Collective

The creative director has advice on men's accessories. According to him, "This season will see classic shoes with a modern interpretation like two tones of colours, either with a coloured stripe or different coloured tongues are going to be popular. Loafers without socks is the way to go this summer. Men can also rejoice as the bag trend for them has moved to oversized bags in bright colours with brand logos." Adding further, "Sunglasses still remain big. Opticals with window glass are in trend.  The retro wayfarers and aviators continue to be strong, but the rounded shapes are making an appearance as well. Men can also sport cufflinks that are minimalist in design yet have some character to them."

Deepti Sudhindra, Jewellery Project

The Bangalore-based designer talks about the need to be delicate in office as far as jewellery is concerned. In her opinion, "The trend this season is subtle. A corporate environment is not welcoming to statement jewellery so keep the dramatics out of office.”

“Flat summer colours like orange or pink is perfect for this season. Add just a hint of flouroscent metallic from the fashion ramps to it. Nothing too overpowering. Whatever jewellery you choose to wear make sure it is a precious metal (silver, gold or platinum) and natural gemstones."

"Women should experiment with plain or textured metal. In office tiny thin bracelets with interesting clasps work very well to add personality to your ensemble. The most easiest way to add to a garment is earrings.  I always recommend my working professional customers to keep a set of seven handy that they can change everyday. Make the designs interesting but simple and delicate.”

“This season is very exciting for men's jewellery as well… Never have men experimented with so much jewellery as now. I would recommend that they get something tailormade for themselves that adds that little bit of their own quirkiness to the piece that personifies their personality. Be it a bracelet or a pendant whatever be your choice make it a statement that counts. Badges on white shirts are also going to be big this season."