Big B throws 'wrap-up' bash for 'Aarakshan' crew

Big B throws 'wrap-up' bash for 'Aarakshan' crew

“I have just got back from the get together that I organised for the entire unit of the film, every single person that worked on the production irrespective of what their job was,” Amitabh posted on his blog during the wee hours of Monday morning.

The 68-year-old shared that he arranged for food, drinks and even decided to hire a DJ for the enjoyment of the crew for the Sunday night bash. He even had himself photographed with the crew, and says he saw a never seen before delight on their faces.

“ ...And tonight on the dance floor as they all threw themselves around in rhythmic bliss, I discovered that the lightman, the trolley operator, that driver, the spot boy … did actually possess a smile! That he could laugh, that he could move his limbs not to the dictat of his job, but voluntarily to the music from large earsplitting speakers and sing along with a host of his favorite songs which the DJ dexterously spun out on his deck,” he added.

Amitabh, who features alongside actors like Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Prateik and Manoj Bajpayee in the movie, says the wrap-up party was “the moment of the film”.

“...Not the intricate intensity of the writer, not the demanding handling by the director, not the assumed brilliance of the artists that performed, nor the delicate lighting and operations of the camera … nothing … just this moment, when director and actor, camera and director of photography all joined in and became one with those that had put in their unstinted labour of love and dedication,” he wrote.

“Aarakshan” is a movie on reservations in government jobs and educational institutions in India.