'Only good script matters to me'

'Only good script matters to me'


But for Tharun what matters is doing good quality films with original scripts. After much deliberation, he found a good script in Himayath Khan’s Achchu Mechchu.

Playing a college student, Tharun is experimenting with his look in the film, which until now, has not been revealed.  Talking about it to Metrolife, he says, “Keeping my character in mind I worked with the stylist and decided to go for a funky look. I gave more emphasis on my hair. In fact, on each day a minimum of 45 minutes would go just in styling my hair.

Generally, the heroines take so long to get ready but in this film I guess the hero took longer,” he laughs. The movie, Tharun says, is more than just a love story. “The protagonist actually goes through many ups and downs in his life and it’s how he handles each one of them is what the film deals with,” adds Tharun.

Working opposite Mumbai girl Archana Gupta in the film, was an experience that Tharun says he can never forget.

“I actually had a wrong notion about her. Initially, I thought she was very snobbish and wouldn’t really blend well with the team. But I was wrong as she is an amazing co-star and a very down-to-earth person,” says Tharun.

Tharun also says that one must keep a look out for the peppy songs by Neel in Achchu Mechchu.

Though Tharun has played the role of a lover boy in many films earlier, he says that it is one thing he can never get tired off.

“I enjoy playing the lover boy but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to experiment with other characters. I am on the look out for good scripts where I can showcase a bit of action or maybe dip into some political drama,” he signs off.