Man climbs tree seeking justice

Man climbs tree seeking justice

A fireman removing the rope used by Ramachandra (inset) to try to commit suicide, that had fell on an electric line, with the help of cane, in Mysore on Monday. Kdh photoHowever, the timely intervention of the cops, who succeeded in convincing the man to change his mind, put an end to nearly a hour long episode.

Ramachandra, a Dalit Sangarsh Samiti (DSS) leader from Belavaththa village on the outskirts of the city, played the ‘victim’ who was facing problems at the hands of police. 

What spurred the incident is another story altogether. The 25-year-old marriage of Ramachandra and Prameela is treading on a rocky road. Ramachandra’s aged father had leased out four acres and 12 guntas to Prameela’s close relatives.

All was fine until the issue of ownership became a contentious issue among them. Both the parties had moved the court of Assistant Commissioner at DC’s office. The court had also awarded judgment in favour of Ramachandra.

Mohan Kumar, son of Ramachandra who was also a witness to his dad’s bid to take life, told Deccan Herald, that his mother coming under the influence of her relatives had filed a false case of dowry harassment against him (Ramachandra) at Metagalli Police Station in February.

Acting on the complaint, police arrested Ramachandra. It was only after a few days, Ramachandra was released as his wife withdrew the complaint, appearing before the court.

But, the animosity between the husband and wife remained, with the latter picking up a quarrel with him for the arrangements related to their daughter’s marriage scheduled to be held. “My father who was upset, had remained out of house for four days, trying to arrange money for wedding”, said Mohan Kumar. 

Kumar further alleged that, now, they (Prameela’s relatives) have been warning his father of dire consequences, if he entered the village. The opposite parties also enjoy the blessings of the local police, who are hand in glove with them.

Ramachandra who was dissuaded from hanging self, was brought down by cops, even as the firemen had arrived, for the purpose.

 Ramachandra told media that he had brought the issue to the notice of the higher ups in the police, besides petitioning them against the local police (Metagalli) for indulging in corruption, but to no avail.

Lakshmipuram police have booked a case against Ramachandra under section 309 (attempt to commit suicide) of IPC.

*An activist attached to Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) Praveen Kumar Shetty faction had climbed atop Deputy Commissioner’s office building, threatening to jump off.

*A member of Karnataka State Sugar Cane Growers Association had climbed a tree at the same site, demanding fulfilment of various demands, threatening to commit suicide if they were not met.