Putting their best foot forward

Putting their best foot forward


STYLISH Models at the Yuvaconic Fashion Awards.

The awards were divided into two categories – the model quest and designers. The awards were meant to fish out aspiring fashion designers and models. The auditions were held in three cities — Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. “This is the only platform where students get to showcase their talent. This was meant as an educative event which gives aspiring designers and models an experience and awareness about the level of competition they are set to face in reality,” said Usha Kumar, creative head, dean and head of Department of FAD Department. She said that the event was more like an youth integration programme. “The students were involved in the whole process right from the start. There was creativity, they had to pitch for sponsors, connect with the market and organise the event. So in a certain sense, it brought out the best in every student,” added Usha.

STYLISH Models at the Yuvaconic Fashion Awards. The evening began with a performance by Solder, a Bangalore-based rock band. They played some of their compositions in addition to good old favourites from ‘Beatles’ that appeal to both the old and the young. The models then walked the ramp in the various collections designed by the students themselves. Prasad Bidapa, who was the chief guest said, “I spotted loads of talent and found a very high standard among the students. They were trained very well and they seemed to have an eye for good fashion. The designs were varied and had a lot of depth in them.” 

After a round of tough competition, Ayn Zoya from Mount Carmel College, Nancy and Seethai from NIFT, Chennai were chosen as winners in the designer category. The model quest winners were Mamta Bhandari from Mount Carmel College; Phoebe from NIFT, Chennai and Radhika from Mount Carmel College.