MCC to collect e-waste soon

MCC to collect e-waste soon

The Mangalore City Corporation in association with a city based college is planning to collect e-waste generated in the City Corporation limits at the earliest.

The technological advances in the electronic devices and materials technology have boosted the performance of information technology around the world particularly in India. The growing dependence on IT and electronic products has, however, given rise to a new environmental challenge, that is the growing menace of electronics waste (e-waste).

As the electronic products life is short and with the rapid change in the technology make several products obsolete, many of them are just dumped without proper care. The e-waste disposal is also a challenge to Mangalore City Corporation. To tackle the challenge, the MCC is planning to collect e-waste in a scientific manner.

It is said that some computer components can be reused in assembling new computer products, while others are reduced to metals that can be reused in applications as varied as construction and flatware. The remaining waste has to be disposed in scientific safe methods.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mangalore City Corporation Commissioner Dr K N Vijayaprakash said e-waste is a challenge to the City Corporation with so many cyber cafes functioning in the City Corporation limits. The new initiative to collect e-waste will be launched soon. In fact, a Pune based organisation has come forward to collect the e-waste and recycle them instead of dumping it in an unscientific manner, causing environmental hazards.

He said “cyber cafes will be identified which generate e-waste. The e-waste will be collected from cyber cafes, business establishments in the City Corporation limits. It has been decided to stretch the drive to about 10 km radius of the MCC limits.”  A collection centre will also be set up in the heart of Mangalore city wherein the people can come and put their e-waste, which will be later sent to Pune for recycling, he added.