Prof refuses to apologise to BU VC

Prof refuses to apologise to BU VC

Instead, Acharya obtained a letter from Minister for Higher Education V S Acharya on Tuesday asking the vice chancellor to sort out the matter “amicably and not drag it further”.

But Vice Chancellor N Prabhu Dev says that Acharya, a retired professor of physics, has not been invited for the special meeting of the Syndicate scheduled for Wednesday.

This has led to a precarious situation. While Acharya asserts that he will attend the meeting “come what may”, sources indicate that he might be “forcibly kept away”.

Advising the vice chancellor to settle the issue “harmoniously”, the Minister’s letter read:

“During a meeting, it is normal for a member to lose his/her temper over some unexpected incidents. This incident (the adjourned meeting of the Syndicate on March 9 wherein Acharya used “abusive” language), may be one of them.”

Hence, the “nasty” words used by the retired professor should be removed from the minutes of the meeting, the minister suggested. Also, he advised the vice chancellor to invite the member and create a “healthy” atmosphere in the university.

Earlier in his response to the letter of the Registrar (Administration), the Syndicate member refused to “show repentance and remorse in writing”.

“I am shocked at the manner in which the letter is worded… No power under any law should be used to cow down a possible opposition of an idea/decision… The notice has to be withdrawn,” his reply read. Acharya also objected to the recording of “every sentence by every member” in the meeting under the university statute.

Acharya says he will stage a protest if he is prevented from attending the meeting. Sources, however, predict a showdown between Prabhu Dev and Acharya.