Clinton calls for restraint in Bahrain

Clinton calls for restraint in Bahrain

"The use of force and violence from any source will only worsen the situation and create a much more difficult environment in which to arrive at a political solution," Clinton said at a news conference in Cairo. America's advice to all sides, she said, is that they must take steps now to negotiate toward a political resolution.

"The security issues are obviously important because there has to be an environment of stability and security in order for these talks to proceed. But it is important that everyone abide by that," Clinton said.

"We know that the Government of Bahrain requested assistance from their fellow members in the Gulf Cooperation Council. We regret that the dialogue that was attempted had not started, and we call on all sides immediately to begin that dialogue and to look for ways to compromise to arrive at a peaceful resolution," she said.

Clinton also spokes to her Saudi counterpart over phone to discuss the current situation in Bahrain as the Saudi Arabia has sent troops to Bahrain. "Under their agreements among themselves in the Gulf, they have the right to ask for that assistance, and that’s what the Government of Bahrain has done.

I said that the security challenges cannot be a substitute for a political resolution," she said. "As they are moving in to respond to the requests by the Government of Bahrain, they, along with everyone else, needs to be promoting the dialogue between the parties," Clinton said.