Green Anacondas will soon adorn Zoo

Green Anacondas will soon adorn Zoo

From Colombo

A file photo Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, in Mysore. DH Photo

The Colombo Zoo has come forward to gift two male and three female green anacondas to the century-old-Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore.

Recently, the authorities of Mysore Zoo had forwarded a proposal to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) seeking its permission to procure the anacondas from the foreign zoo.

However, that proposal was sent back on the ground that they had not enclosed the letter of consent from the Colombo Zoo. Now the Mysore Zoo has received the letter of consent and the same is being forwarded to the CZA along with a drawing of the enclosure planned for the anacondas.

A copy of the same is also being sent to the director general of Foreign Trade, New Delhi since its permission was mandatory to procure any bird or animal from any foreign zoo across the globe.

Separate enclosure

K B Markandaiah, executive director of the Mysore Zoo told Deccan Herald that they have identified a place measuring 100 feet X 150 feet adjacent to the ‘Reptile House’ to house the anacondas.

Two things are must for them. Temperature controller and humidity controller are to be installed in the closure.

The zoo has to ensure availability of sufficient water in the enclosure as the anacondas spend most of its time in water. Besides, there should be crawl area and trees inside the enclosure. The anacondas exercise by climbing trees. For providing all these facilities the zoo may have to spend around Rs five lakh, he added.

He said the CZA meets once in a month and takes decision on all the proposals received from all the zoos of the country. The proposal to be sent by the Mysore Zoo may be taken in the meeting.

Since the zoo is sending a comprehensive proposal along with drawings and consent letter, the CZA may not long time in clearing the same. “In all probability it may take around two to three months for the anacondas to arrive in Mysore”, he added.

Presently, the Mysore zoo host more than 1100 individual  animals, birds, reptiles and mammals from over 150 species.