Worldwide paedophile ring busted, 230 kids rescued

Worldwide paedophile ring busted, 230 kids rescued

The worldwide network was uncovered after two sex offenders were arrested in Spain three years ago.

"It is certainly the biggest case we have ever seen," The Telegraph quoted Rob Wainwright, Europol director, as saying. Europol is the European Law Enforcement Agency.

In Britain, 121 of the 240 suspects were arrested. Some 60 children were "safeguarded" from abusers.

The media report said across the world 670 suspects have been identified and 184 of them  arrested. 

As many as 230 children were rescued after internet servers were seized from a Dutchman, Amir I, who ran the website. He is on trial as he is accused of abusing a 14-year old Brazilian boy.

The website's "shop front" egged on those with an "interest in young boys" to chat rooms where child pornography or offline meetings, including abuse, were arranged, the police said.

Wainwright said: "We expect the numbers of arrest to rise...We will not rest until all offenders have been brought to justice. Our message to offenders who use the internet is: you will be caught."