My nation will rise from the rubble, says this lass

My nation will rise from the rubble, says this lass

Undeterred by tsunami, quake

Reiko Seki

Pursuing her M A in Sociology, the Tokyo born lass is now in her second semester at UoM.

After the massive earthquake and tsunami struck the northeastern parts of Japan, Reiko wasn’t able to get in touch with her family for nearly a day as all the telephone lines were cut.

However, after a tense day of watching the horror unfold, she was able to contact her uncle and he informed that her parents were safe and sound. “My parents don’t know how to use the internet... With phone connections still not working, it is difficult to contact them,” she bemoans.

Reiko points out that the most difficult part is getting accurate information developments that are taking place in Japan. She said that generally there is a lot of misinformation that is spread by people, who are a bit over enthusiastic.

Concerned about the shortage of food plaguing the country, she observed that it was a very serious situation. also the destruction of railway lines, on which the whole country was dependent, is quite disconcerting, she added.

Having felt earthquakes earlier, Reiko points out that education about tremors is quite high in the country. She mentioned that every parent and teacher inform children to take cover under tables, turn off gas lines and the most important advise - ‘Don’t Panic’.

Asked if she wanted to return to Japan, Reiko said that it would be highly difficult to reach her home in the present scenario. She said that even though the international airport was open, reaching her house from the airport would be impossible as it takes nearly two hours by train.

However, she is all praise for her Indian friends at the university, who have dropped by to wish her and express their condolences. Such support from her friends has helped her overcome the tragedy that has hit her country, Reiko says with a smile.