'Yeddyurappa one of many Lingayat leaders'

'Yeddyurappa one of many Lingayat leaders'

K S Eshwarappa

Eshwarappa has become the rallying point for those who are questioning Chief Minister Yeddyurappa’s leadership.

However, he has not openly come out against Yeddyurappa, nor does he appear to be in a mood to defend the chief minister.

Excerpts from an interaction with Deccan Herald:

Why the sudden eruption of rebellion in the party? How will it culminate?

Our legislators wanted to convey some of the problems they are facing in their respective constituencies and hence, we had met at the party office on Thursday. Their problems have been conveyed to the national leaders. They will attend to it.

Why did you, Ananth Kumar and some MLAs meet at the party office?

The legislators are facing some problems, and we heard them. It is not that the party government has not attended to the problems. But still there are some left which need to be discussed and attended to.

Has the funding pattern of Prerana Trust embarrassed the party?

Definitely not. The trust has received donations. We do not know from where the donors got the money. The Congress and the JD (S) have been alleging that companies had donated to the trust much more than their capital. The IT department must be observing it, isn’t it? The Opposition is levelling wild allegations just to get publicity in the media.

Is Yeddyurappa still the unquestioned leader of the Lingayats?

It is not so. There are many Lingayat leaders. He is one among them.

Why did you keep away from the Belgaum Kannada conference?

I was busy attending to party work.

Are MLAs pressuring you for a change in the leadership?

No. I am only listening to the problems faced by the legislators. That’s all.

Is the party high command sending leaders to cobble a patch-up?

Nobody is coming at this juncture. Our leaders are busy getting ready for the elections in five states. Even we are busy with bypolls.

So there are no problems, no change in the leadership?

I am not saying that nothing is happening. The Delhi leaders are aware of the developments. We do not know what decision they will take.