'Understand intricacies of issues before writing'

'Understand intricacies of issues before writing'

7th student literary meet in Mangalore

In his inaugural address at the 7th Vidhyarti Sahitya Sammelana jointly organised by the Old Students’ Association of Mangalore University and SDM College of Business Management in the college premises on Saturday, Vasudhendra asked the young, budding writers to be honest while penning down the words. “The different skills needed for writing can be adapted gradually. A good writer must not analyse things straight to his nose, but should understand it from others perspectives. A writer cannot write effectively until he sticks onto an assumption that whatever he thinks is the final truth,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, he suggested the writers to understand intricacies of the issues and think from the humane perspective.

Stating that a certain amount of fear is necessary for the writer to write qualitatively, he said, “once the writer reaches the maturity level, the slight fear about the quality of his writing works in a positive way. The presence of perfectionist attitude develops stress in the mind of the writer,” he informed.

He asked the students to watch international movies once in a while, as he held watching one good movie is equivalent to reading a best book. “Good minds think and work alike. So it does not matter whether you read a book or watch a quality movie,” he remarked.

Putting forth his thoughts on globalisation, Vasudhendra said, every development will have two different angles. Similarly, the globalisation too can be seen in two perspectives, i.e., positive and the negative. If the globalisation is cursed for the disadvantages it has brought with it, we should not even overlook the advantages which have accompanied the globalisation, he stated.

Presiding over the inaugural function, veteran cinema director Sadananda Suvarna asked creative writers and movie makers to act with a pinch of responsibility. To develop qualitative writing, one must have to travel a lot and scrutinise things, he said.