Ramya's showdown with filmmakers set to end

Ramya's showdown with filmmakers set to end

A meeting convened by the Karnataka Film Producers Association and the Karnataka Film Directors Association resulted in a consensus that the money owed to Ramya by Ganesh would be returned in the next two to three days.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, producer Munirathna said the Rs 3.7 lakh owed to Ramya by Ganesh would be returned through B N Gangadhar, Sa Ra Govindu and him in two days’ time. “We will then request her to attend the audio release event and other promotions of the movie. It is up to her to decide,” he said.

A subdued Ganesh, who had lodged a complaint against the actor with the Film Chamber and the Producers Association, said it was regrettable that such an incident had happened.

K C N Chandrashekhar, President of Kannada film Producers Association, said it was normal practice for actors to attend the promotional events of films they had starred in and this was a simple controversy occurring due to differences of opinion.

“Such things happen all the time in the film industry or during the making of a film. Ramya should not be upset because of this. It hurt us when she said she is leaving the industry,” he said.

The producers said signing contracts with various artistes involved in a film would be made mandatory to avoid such problems in future.

“We had taken this decision earlier, but was not implemented. Now, we will see to it that it is implemented, so that an agreement for the entire shooting schedule, dates and promotional activities is entered into beforehand,” Munirathna said.

Chandrashekhar and Munirathna denied that anything bad had been spoken about Ramya. They said: “She is a Kannada girl. We trust she will remain in the industry.”

Ganesh, in his capacity as the Secretary of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, and directors Yogeesh Hunsur and P S Vishwanath attended the meeting.