Thousands take part in uroos

Thousands take part in uroos

Shakhadri stays away from celebrations

As the Shakhadri and temporary Uroos committee stayed away from the celebration, the district administration itself organised and led the event. Abiding by the traditions, Sub-division Officer Dayanand carried sandal paste from Atthigundi village, while ‘Mujavar’ of the Darga Sayed Akil Pasha pasted the sandal pastes on the tombs and ‘Datta Paduke,’ following which rest of the rituals were performed.

The devotees expressed their devotion and happiness in many ways. They welcomed the vehicle carrying the sandal paste with the musical instruments and threw flowers and coins at the vehicle. The devotees whose number exceeded 3,000 shouted slogans in the name of Dada Hayath Khalandar. However, most of the devotees were disappointed over Shakhadri’s decision of not attending the event. “I wish Shakhadri and Fakirs had attended the event and blessed us. It has been so many days since we received their blessings,” said Dadapeer from Bhadravati.

Most of the devotees who assembled at the spot were from North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It was quite evident that the number of Hindu devotees was almost equivalent to that of the Muslims. It seemed as if the Supreme Court decision or Darga-Peetha issue did not affect the devotees from arriving at the spot. “Though I am basically a Hindu, I have named my son as Dadakhalander based on the name of a Fakir. Both Hindus and Muslims have come from our place together in a vehicle,” informed a devotee Venkatesh from Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.


The devotees were seen staying in temporary tents in the hill surroundings. The Muzrai Department had made arrangements for ‘Prasadm’ in the form of afternoon lunch. Most of them expressed their willingness to take part in the Uroos celebration for next two days and also have Darshan of Javagal Darga in Arasikere taluk.

Localites stay away

However, the localites and the Muslims from temporary Uroos committee and Chikmagalur town stayed away from the celebration. The local Muslims who were though willing to take part in the Uroos, did not follow their wish, with the thought that it would appear as a move against the Shakhadri.

Despite the district administration’s order, Gouse Mohiddin Shakhadri who is the ‘Nasheen of Sajja’ has stick onto his decision of observing Uroos on March 26.