Free from mistakes

Free from mistakes

You realise about a mistake, when you are innocent and in the present moment. When you are innocent and in the present moment, then you are already out of the mistake.

Instead of brooding over the past, just wake up and acknowledge it. Move forward and don’t get stuck in blaming yourself or others. It is like you are sitting with a garbage can and ready to throw it on some one. But it returns back to you.

What do we normally do is to justify our mistakes so that the guilt is not felt. It doesn’t work. Whatever justification you give, the guilt lingers on. You resist the guilt and it continues and then distorts your behaviour deep inside. You have all the right to feel miserable for the mistake you have done. Remain totally miserable for one whole moment, ten minutes or twenty-five minutes, not more. And then, you will be out of it.

Acknowledge a mistake without justifying it. A justification does not remove the guilt as it is superficial. It makes you feel even more guilty. Be one hundred per cent with the guilt and that pain will become like a meditation and relieve you from the guilt.

How do you deal with a person who has committed a mistake? Do not tell a person a mistake he already knows and make them feel guilty, defensive or resentful. As this will only create more distance. You should point out the mistake of a person who is ignorant about it but would want to know.

When somebody does something wrong, often we think they did it intentionally. When we see from a broader perspective, every culprit is also a victim. They may be a victim of lack of education or information, too much stress and narrow-mindedness. All these would cause someone to make a mistake.

If a  wise man sees mistakes in others, he helps them to come out of it in a compassionate manner. But a fool is happy if someone else does a mistake and takes pride in it and announces to the world. A wise man always praises others.

Wisdom is uplifting the spirit. When you are centred, you always uplift everybody around you.

Save your mind. When the mind is established, you cannot make mistakes even if you want. With the knowledge of the self, all negative emotions like fear, guilt, anger and sorrow disappear.