On your toes

On your toes

The one who was not intent at that crucial moment is likely to lose that event where even a second counts.

To be alert at all times in our life is good for all of us. The unguarded moment for any one under a threat of losing his life is always risky.

To be alert means you should be a ready listener, aware of what is going on around you, ready to answer to the call of duty and not be lethargic or adopt an attitude of laissez faire. We are responsible for what we do but what we fail to understand is that we are equally responsible for what we fail to do.

The neighbour in need if we pass him by; if we ignore the innocent victim of an accident; even after knowing clearly that someone is genuinely hungry if we were to turn away without trying to help, then we have missed a chance of being truly human.

Sometimes the lost chance never comes back but what is more important is that we could become callous and lackadaisical in our outlook in life.

On your marks: be always aware of your final end. Some people unfortunately do not know where they go after their biological death nor do they know why they are on this earth.

Life for them is one meaningless existence. They are alive and that’s it. They do not like to think what comes after. These are questions for which they think there are no clear answers and so they prefer not to think about them.

They drift and are not “on the marks”. On the contrary the one who can look ahead and hope for this or that, have visions of a bright future can work harder, is more peaceful with himself and with everything around and is always focussed.

He or she is always on “get set” mode. However, St Paul in his letter to the Roman says: “Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience” (Rm 8.24b-25).

This is how the Rationalist who thinks that what religions say about the future is all doubtful fails to see a meaning. It is certain but the exact magnitude of it cannot be perceived but only seen vaguely in faith and hope.

Would you not like to make your life meaningful friend or do you like to choose to drift away listlessly on the waters of life? The choice is yours!