Constitution of India has served purpose : President

Constitution of India has served purpose : President

The constitution adopted by our country in 1950 has a multi-tiered structure comprising the Centre, states and local bodies as the founding fathers knew that a country as diverse and big as India needed a federal framework to compliment each other, she said in her address at the inaugural function of the legislative council's centenary celebrations here.

This federal system has been successful in fulfilling various aspirations of the people, Patil said, adding we must take pride about the fact that the roots of the democracy in India runs deep.

There has been 15 general elections since adoption of the constitution in 1950 and assembly polls were taking place in the states at regular intervals, the President said, adding the elected representatives must discharge their duties towards the electorate in a very responsible manner.

The elected representatives in the parliament and the state legislatures must rise above partisan politics for framing policies and legislations that should be progressive and helpful to the development, she said.

Referring to Bihar, Patil said that the state has been a mother of democracy in the world as the seeds of democratic systems were sowed in the ancient Lichchvi and the successive generation of the legislators in the state have risen above partisan politics to work for the development of the state.

The legislators should work together to conceive measures for education, training and imparting values to the youths of the state, she said.

The President called upon the legislators to play an active role in strengthening the institutions of panchayati raj at the grassroot level and complimented the state government for giving 50 per cent reservation to the women the local self-government bodies.