Rewarding the deserving

Rewarding the deserving


honour Hanumappa Sudarshan being felicitated by the Rotary members.

Held at the Rotary House of Friendship on Lavelle Road, the function had members from all walks of life meeting and greeting the man.

The evening began with the club formalities after which Vivek Prabhu, Vice President and Chairman, Public Image Committee, briefed one and all about the award. “I was a youngster when the club first introduced the award. It is presented to those who have reached out to a great number of people and changed their lives for better. Today, the club has seen 22 role models from different walks of life who have given their time and effort for revolutionary and path-breaking concepts,” he added.

Post this, Vijay Kumar, Past President, briefed the audience on Sudarshan’s contribution and his continuous support to the tribes and referred to him as a friend of ‘Soligas’ and other tribes.

“Sudarshan is a well-known social worker and tribal rights activist. A visit to the BR Hills will show how much time and effort he has put into the upliftment of the ‘Soligas’,” he said.

Asha Khatri, President,  Rotary Club of Bangalore said, “We take great honour in presenting this award to Sudarshan as he is an extraordinary individual in a selfless and passionate pursuit of excellence.

His service is an ideal yardstick for the others to emulate.” On receiving the award, Sudarshan said he was reminded of the many memorable moments of his struggle.

“It has not been an easy journey. There were many hurdles that I had to pass to get the tribals a thing as basic as land. I still remember spending two nights in jail when I was fighting for the cause. Today, after 31 years of fighting, they finally have a place to live with proper healthcare facilities along with a school where they get education,” says Sudarshan, who went on to give a presentation on the many projects and tribes he has worked with.

 “It is not a one-man struggle. I don’t think any of these would have been possible had it not been for the group of enthusiasts who have dedicated their whole lives to this cause,” he said.