Best time in history to be a woman: Clinton

Best time in history to be a woman: Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being welcome by hotel staff during her arrival at Taj Hotel in New Delhi. AP

"It is exciting and if there is any better time in human history to be woman it is right now in the modern world. For me, this is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility that I willingly accept,” Hillary told an audience of over 1,000 at the Delhi University Convention Hall in the Old Viceregal Lodge. The event was hosted by Delhi University Vice Chancellor Deepak Pental.
Clinton was answering a question from a student who asked her how she manages her personal life as she has such a hectic schedule as a politician.

Wearing a white business suit, with a string of white pearls on her neck, a smiling Clinton said: “I supported my husband. He had a successful career in politics... I just couldn't enter politics as my daughter was growing up.
"It was difficult every moment to make a decision. I found it difficult to enter politics and raising my daughter especially with the demanding schedule required. So I really feel that I had a chance to pursue my public service interests and take care of my family responsibility together.”

According to the former senator from New York, "it's balance and how one strikes life's balance... not dropping responsibility but adequately fulfilling them. To me it is continuing the balancing act we do in modern world. We are exposed to the modern world.

"So, within my lifetime, there have been so many changes and there will be many, many more to keep people at an exhilarating rate. To keep people grounded, anchored in what's real and lasting is the part of education.”

Quoting an American Rabbi, Clinton said: “No one ever said that I wish to spend more time in office.”
In the rapt audience were students from Delhi University, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur and Pakistani students, who are part of an initiative called Seeds for Peace.

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