The kids rocked right through

The kids rocked right through


Cute : Students performing an animal dance.

The proud parents arrived well in advance to catch the best seat in the auditorium. Madhuri, a parent, said that her son was so excited about this day that he could hardly sleep the previous night.

“They have worked so hard for their performance. The best part is that the school has always taken good care of the kids. So far we have attended four events and they have all been excellent,” she added.

The programme began with the kindergarten choir rendering a lovely version of There is none like you and then they went on to give a medley of ABBA songs and the crowd’s favourite Take A Chance On Me, Thank You for The Music and Mama Mia. The choir wrapped up with Amazing Grace and Joyful Joyful.

Listening to the choir, the guests of honour of the programme, Dinesh Gundu Rao, an MLA and an ex student of the school said that it took him back in time to his school days when he shared many memories of his school days.

“Back then, the smallest of things seemed so big but now looking back at those problems, they seem so trivial. Kindergarten is a wonderful stage in one’s life,” he added.
Actor Manju Bhargavi, who was also present was impressed by the choir and was looking forward to the other programmes scheduled for the day. 

“Cottonian are popular across board and its such a pleasure to watch these tiny tots perform,” she said.

The chief guest for the programme was Thimappa Hegde, Director of Narayana Hrudayalaya Institute of Neurosciences, who shared with the audience the importance of good health.

The highlight of the day was the musical which delved into the concept of joy and the pleasure one gets in sharing that joy.

Presented by the children of all the sections, the play revolved around two brothers who were sent to a circus by their mother to learn how to share with the many people and animals involved in the parade. “The entire play was adorable. The animal dance, the Goan dance and even the acrobatic team was impressive. The children gave their best,” said Aparna, a  parent.