Conmen used fake cards for shopping in many cities:Police

Conmen used fake cards for shopping in many cities:Police

Shreyas Kotharia (30) and his brother-in-law Parag Parab (32), both residents of Mira Road area, were nabbed on Monday while shopping in Inorbit mall in suburban Goregaon using fake debit cards, police said.

Following their arrest, police claimed to have busted an international fake debit cards racket and said some more accused of foreign origin were wanted in the case.

During the probe, it was learnt the accused had shopped in various malls across the country and bought electronic goods running into lakhs of rupees which could be sold in the market easily, Joint Police Commissioner Himanshu Roy said.

"The duo went on shopping spree using fake debit cards not only in Mumbai but also at popular malls in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Ahmedabad," he added.

According to police, the two were in constant touch with their counterparts in foreign countries since January, who provided information on the debit card holders staying in US and other countries bearing Indian names through text messages.

Kotharia bought blank cards from Panvel, which already had magnetic strip on it and then printed the card bearing the name of original account holder and logo as well as the precise design of the bank and fixed his photo. Once the fake debit card was ready, they would go on a shopping spree, police said adding further probe was on.