MSEZ agrees to provide jobs to PDF youth

MSEZ agrees to provide jobs to PDF youth

At a press meet here on Friday, District-in-Charge Minister Krishna Palemar said: “We have come to a consensus in a meeting held with the representatives of MRPL, OMPL, Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited (ISPRL) and MSEZ representatives and the students. The companies have agreed to fulfill the demands of the students.”

The students had to resort to indefinite protest as the youth who had undergone training in Karnataka Polytechnic College (KPT) were not recruited by the MRPL or ONGC as per the earlier assurances. Though few companies had come forward to give employment, there was confusion over how many to be employed. It was decided to give employment based on the land acquired by the company. 

He said MRPL had taken 268 acre land. Accordingly, it has to provide employment to 183 persons. The MSEZ has already employed 86 persons. They will give employment to remaining 97 persons. OMPL had taken 442 acre land. Hence, it has to employ 302 persons. Of which, the OMPL has alreday employed three persons. ISPRL has taken 83 acre land. Hence, it has to employ 58 persons. However, they have already employed 28 persons. Hence, it will provide employment to 20 persons.

About 520 displaced persons needs to be employed in MSEZ, Palemar said and added that the MSEZ had acquired 760 acre land.

Palemar also said the companies have already agreed to provide employment to those who have completed training on priority basis.

The students have asked companies to send the employment letter within 15 days to the displaced families. They have also asked to pay a sum of Rs 10,000 per month till they are employed in the company. The companies have agreed to pay Rs 8,000 per month. The companies have asked for 15 days time to decide on paying Rs 10,000 per month till the employment is given.

The MRPL has a business transaction of Rs 8,000 crore per annum. The government gets Rs 2,700 crore from MRPL. About Rs 5 crore is spent on community development programmes, he informed.

The meeting was attended by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, MLA Abhayachandra Jain, Assembly Deputy Speaker Yogish Bhat, MLC Capt Ganesh Karnik, Deputy Commissioner Subodh Yadav and the representatives of four companies.

One of the agitators Sathyajith said “MRPL has 2,500 contract labourers. If the service is regularised and given to the locals, then there is no scope for confusion.”

‘Rs 10,000 pm till PDF members get jobs’

The companies have assured to send employment letter and provide a sum of Rs 10,000 to the students till the employment is given within 15 days. “If they fail to fulfil the assurances, then we will continue our agitation,” said leader R N Shetty Kalavaru.