'Use technology to earn profit'

'Use technology to earn profit'

IIHR ready to help growers by setting up nursery under NHM, says its chief

Speaking at an interaction programme with the growers, scientist and mediapersons at the Central Horticulture Experiment Station, a unit of Indian Institute of Horticulture Research at Chettalli on Friday, he said “inspite of spending crores of rupees on agriculture research, the benefits are not reaching the farmers. There is a need to find a solution to the burning problems being faced by the farmers.”

The Indian Institute of Horticulture Research Centre has been trying to solve the problems of the growers for the last 42 years.

It is also providing programmes to help the farmers to mainrtain quality in vegetables, flowers and fruits. The Centre is ready to help the growers by setting up nursery under National Horticulture Mission.

“Though Thailand is an economically poor country, it has been successful in growing disease-free nurseries with the help of the financial assistance given by the government in association with the private persons. Even Vietnam is using technology in pepper,” he added.

Revival of oranges

Central Horticulture Experiment Station Head Dr P C Tripathi said “Kodagu was growing oranges in hundreds of hectare in 1950-60. However, owing to the diseases and other reasons, the oranges are grown only in 3,000 to 5,000 acre land. Compared to Nagpura, Meghalaya variety of orange, Kodagu orange is of superior quality. The government has chalked out several programmes to revive Kodagu orange.”

Progressive Grower Bose Mandanna said farmers face the problem of marketing. Kodagu has condusive atmosphere to grow fruits and vegetables. “However, the marketing the products have become a cause of concern,” he said.

He said the equipment supplied to the farmers are of poor quality. The government should come forward to supply quality equipment to the farmers. Indian Horticulture Research Centre senior scientist Dr Neetha Khandekar also spoke.