Spice up the evenings!

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Last Updated 27 March 2011, 11:14 IST
Spice up the evenings!

From the casual T-shirt and jeans to a more formal outfit, jackets add a twist to everything.

Designer Gautam Gupta speaks about his take on a jacket which can be sported as a fun evening wear.

Gautam’s jacket is made of kinkhab, which is a very exclusive form of brocade. “It has a Tibetan feel to it, which also makes it more stylish,” he says.

To add a bit of dramatic touch, the jacket is also embellished with stones, cut dana and sequins. For this particular jacket, Gautam keeps the look young and fun. “You can pair it with a red tube top and a pair of hot pants or shorts which makes the entire look very comfortable and trendy,” he says.  “Also, hot pants are very much in vogue,” he adds.

About the trends in this garment, Gautam says it is all about looking trendy but with a sense of comfort. “Jacket is one thing which everyone craves for,” he says. “And if you get it in different fabrics and styles, then nothing like it,” he adds. As far as the colours are concerned, there are only a few that one can go for.

“Since khinkhabs come only in a few colours as such, the choices are limited to maroon red, sea green, black, beige and onion pink,” informs Gautam. “Among these choices, black and beige are the best options,” he adds.

Considering the entire look has been kept very young, the outfit is best for a party.
“But you can also wear it at the beach or at a cocktail or any other social event,” he says.

There are certain things one should be careful about while buying this garment. “The quality of the fabric is very important. If the quality of fabric is not good, then the garment won’t have the appeal it should and there are chances that it might even tear off,” says Gautam.

“For this jacket, you can go for other brocades and silk jacquard, which are available and are comfortable to be worn,” he adds.

Gautam says that style is very personal and subjective and that is why one should not just keep trends in mind and but also style oneself according to you own personality and attitude. “One has to take care of the entire look and not just limit yourself to an outfit.

From your hairstyle to belt to shoes, everything should get along,” he says.
“For this outfit, the accessories that go very well would be a hat, beaded necklace, wristband or watch and retro sunglasses,” says Gautam.

“And as far as footwear is concerned, peep-toe boots or strappy summer heels will look fabulous with it,” he adds.

Spice up the evenings!

For the classy look!

Supriya, who works as an HR executive, says that she likes pairing jackets with tops and jeans. “They look good on dresses too and make them look a little classy,” she says. She mentions that the colours she like are beige and brown.

 “They go along with all the clothings in my closet,” she informs. As far as the accessories are concerned, she says that she limits them to a pair of earings and some funky rings. “With dresses, I wear a necklace too,” she adds.

“The footwear varies from heels to flats and even the closed tip shoes,” she says.

(Published 27 March 2011, 10:55 IST)

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