'It's all about generating hype'

'It's all about generating hype'



“A film unit is like a family. The issues that take place during the making of a film must not be publicised. It is equivalent to washing one’s dirty linen in public. If it is brought to the general public’s notice by crying in front of the camera and other means, it will be just a matter of embarrassment for both parties involved.

As movie buffs, we are not interested in their issues and people are not going to go watch a movie just because they fought over it. So the notion of creating publicity through controversy and making people curious to go watch a movie is wrong.”

Harshith N,Student

“I strongly condemn celebrity ‘nakhras’ as they spoil our film industry’s name. The industry has been hounded by ridiculous affairs. The recent Ramya episode, where a simple issue like delay in payment of fees being blown out of proportion, reflects badly on the image of the industry. Recently, a Kannada actor threatened to commit suicide because his movie was being removed from a theatre. Acts like these only show the industry in a bad light.”

Vivek  Boray,Lawyer

“It is really frivolous. As an actor, all you need to care about is your acting and do the job well. It seems rather skewed and unnecessary. All the melodrama seems like such a waste of time. The entire industry is about generating hype. There is no such thing as good or bad news. The main agenda is to be just talked about, the reasons being purely secondary.”


Ananth Padmanabhan,Environmental activist

“I think the quote, ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’, says it all. Celebrity ‘nakhras’ are done for entertainment and I must confess they do have good entertainment value.

What is the use of having celebrities who are bland and boring? Besides in something like the film industry, no one really is a victim.  I don’t really know much about the Ramya issue but from whatever I have heard, we can safely say that Ramya is not starving. It is not the same thing as a regular 9 to 5 office-going bloke saying he is not getting paid.
The gravity of the situation is just not the same.”

Bhakti Nefertiti,Entrepreneur

“The general public needs to gauge what really is a celebrity ‘nakhra’. The issue Ramya is trying to address is not merely restricted to actors. There are many others in the film industry like spot boys, script writers and assistant directors who may not be paid sufficiently for their services. At least as an actor, she has the privilege to make it a big issue and I am glad she did so. People should be provided remuneration for their services and if that is not done, it is all right to fight for what rightfully belongs to them.”