Buddhadeb lambasts Mamata

Buddhadeb lambasts Mamata

West Bengal cannot be run in a whimsical way , says chief minister

“Railways is being run in a whimsical way. It cannot go on like this. With this kind of administration, the state cannot be administered,” Bhattacherjee told a rally here.

In an obvious reference to Banerjee’s announcement of setting up a number of railway projects in the state, he asked, “Where is the fund? Where is the detailed project report?”

The two district parishads at East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas being run by TMC had failed to perform.

“Does the state want this kind of administration?” he wondered. Referring to the Congress -TMC alliance, Bhattacherjee said the CPM was aware that the two parties would forge a tie. “But politics is not arithmetic. Two and two may be zero in politics,” he remarked and alleged that some “foreign forces” wanted to stall the Left. He, however, did not elaborate. According to him, the CPM was undeterred by the slogan of change and had identified its mistakes.

The electorate, he pointed out, did not accept the Left parties’ stand (of providing a third alternative) during the 2009 Lok Sabha election. “We have pinpointed where we had gone wrong and have taken corrective steps.”

Singur mistake

Referring to Singur, he said the mistake of land acquisition committed there would not be repeated. The main intention of the government was to bring automobile industry in the state. “We have to be more cautious about land acquisition and as far as possible acquisition of fertile land has to be avoided. However, after the Singur incident our government has acquired 8,100 acres and there was no problem,” he claimed.

The chief minister argued that to term his government as non-functional “is highly incorrect”. “If that was so, how investment worth Rs 15,000 crore came to the state? IT industry has flourished, 99 per cent enrollment was recorded in primary schools, the state has topped in producing vegetables and has become self-sufficient in rice production. It would not have been possible if the government did not function,” Bhattacherjee said.