SCs and problems reside in Brahmanarahalli

SCs and problems reside in Brahmanarahalli

A thatched roof hut in Brahmanarahalli in Shidlaghatta. dh photo

This is a land of opposites. Although named Brahmanarahalli (village of Brahmins), the residents belong to the scheduled castes. Brahmanarahalli has about 80 houses, of which 20 are tumbledown huts lacking toilets. The shacks house more than 400 residents weighed down by poverty.

Government records show several development activities having been implemented, but in reality, almost every resident is deprived of facilities.


Part of the Ganjigunte Gram Panchayat, the village has been ignored by elected representatives. Frequent complaints by residents have yielded no results.

There is no proper drainage, no proper roads and facility to supply potable water. The residents have been trying to get work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, but have been denied so far.

The roads in the village are covered by cobble-stones, with slush flowing amid them. Dirty water pools dot the village, including in the area around the drinking water tank. “There is great fear of diseases spreading because of such conditions,” says a resident.

“We are lectured on the importance of every house having a toilet. “But we are given no help to get the facility,” they add. “We are also told not to live in shacks, but none has bothered to give us pucca houses,” says another.