Spots to watch William wedding procession on hire

Spots to watch William wedding procession on hire

William will wed Kate Middleton at the Westminster Abbey April 29.

A horse-drawn carriage will take the prince and his bride to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony.

Property owners, including religious groups, charities and government departments, are now offering space along the route, the Daily Express reported.

The most-wanted spot is the Sanctuary beside Westminster Abbey that offers a view of its west entrance.

Another spot in a 19th century Gothic building - with nine rooms and four balconies - is on offer for 100,000 pounds.

The nearby National Iranian Oil Company will hire out two of its offices on the second and third floors, also overlooking the west entrance of the abbey, for the same amount.

The cheapest is a 60-pounds-per-person breakfast spot for 500 guests in a windowless lecture hall at the Methodist Central Hall. The building's rooftop looks down on the west entrance.