'College of guest lecturers'!

'College of guest lecturers'!

Over 63 guest faculties appointed this year.

'College of guest lecturers'!

With no lecturers, librarians and proper classrooms, this college has become famous not for its academic achievements but for having appointed highest number of guest lecturers in a year, in the state.

The college on an average appoints 63 guest lecturers a year to run the show and the students and the parents say that Government which has been on a spree of sanctioning schools and colleges all over the state has not been paying attention towards maintenance of the college and quality of education. There are over 1,325 students studying in the college in various streams, including BBM and BCA. There is requirement for 75 lecturers while only 12 have been appointed by the government and the rest are recruited by the college as guest lecturers. Students of the college have hence christened the college as ‘College of guest lecturers’.

The plight of these guest lecturers are also miserable and are forced to work under financial crunch. Government provides Rs 5,000 as remuneration to the faculties per month but this is given to them once in a year instead of every month, due to which they are left in dire staits.

The college has a full fledged library, with over 28,000 books stored in it but absence of a librarian has kept the students away from these books, which are hogging dust. There is no Physical Education Teacher, which is depriving the students who are good at sports from taking part in the events. 

Principal of the College says that though some amount of funds are provided by the Government for the maintenance of the college, it is not sufficient and hence they are compelled to collect Rs 500 from students towards as college development fund. It is through this fund that they have been maintaining the college.

The students, faculties and the parents demand the state government to approve schools and college, only if it can maintain it and urge the government to provide adequate infrastructure and man power to this college, where number of students are shaping their future.