Obscene posters mar beauty of Chintamani

Obscene posters mar beauty of Chintamani

Posters pasted on the government higher primary school compound in Chintamani. dH Photo

Displaying little regard for women, the provocative pictures of semi-nude actors and violent scenes of the movies adorn walls and compounds of various buildings including the government higher primary school, petrol bunks, bus stands and petrol bunks.

With sex and violence being the selling point of the movies these days, youth were being easily distracted, the residents rued.

Some of the parents also expressed anxiety that the children easily pick up the slack moral standards of these movies and become easy prey to the obscene, extremely violent  and provocative flicks through these vulgar posters pasted on their school compounds. The women have urged the authorities to be sensible in restricting the theatre owners from pasting such ugly posters in the public places.

“Apart from eve teasing, these obscene posters cause embarrassment and make it difficult for us to wait  even for a single minute here,” complained the girls waiting for a bus near their college.

Schools not spared

The residents alleged that the authorities concerned - police and taluk administration - have turned blind eye to the ugly posters and flexes put up across the town, especially on the school and college buildings and compounds.

The residents express helplessness as they could complain to no one else when the authorities responsible for beautifying the town are apathetic.