It's the final countdown

It's the final countdown

Looking Ahead

It's the final countdown

THRILLED Cricket fans are elated about India making it to the finals.

The prayer of billions has been answered and the Indian cricket team has done it again! After triumphing over Pakistan at the semi-finals, the team is all set to face the Lankans on Saturday and as everyone knows, it’s going to be one big game.

With both the best cricket teams of the world coming for a face-off at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, cricket fans are all set to watch the mother of all battles. Metrolife spoke to a few cricket fans in the City to find out how excited they are about the clash of the titans on Saturday.

Adeshwar Mehta, a businessman, is a huge cricket-buff and thinks India is totally ready for the finals. “During their match with Pakistan, we saw an all round display of cricket by the team. It was a complete performance which is a good sign before finals,” he says.

According to him, “Sri Lanka has also been performing well. So it will be two top cricketing nations fighting for their glory.”

Adeshwar plans to watch the match on a large screen at one of the joints in the City. “Or I will put a projector in my house and invite all my friends for a get together,” he says.

“Both the teams have had their share of success and failure and though cricket is a game of consistency, it will all depend on who is the best on the last day. May the best man win.”

Sreekanth, a media professional, admits he is a “big, big fan of cricket” and is planning to watch the match with his family. “It’s been a dream run for India till now and I think we will win,” he exclaims. Sachin Tendulkar is his favourite and Sreekanth thinks the ace batsman will perform well. “Sri Lanka is a good team too and it will be a tense battle. So the Indians should focus on getting the Sri Lankan openers and Kumar Sangakkara out. Then the game will be ours.”

And if you think it’s just the Indians who are crazy about cricket, think again. The Sri Lankans in the City are extremely excited too. Dilusha Thiyagaratnam, a Sri Lankan student residing in the City, can hardly contain her excitement.

 “I can’t believe the final match is going to be between my home team and my home away from home team,” she gushes. Though she is not a big fan of cricket, the World Cup fever has hit her. “Kumar Sangakkara is my favourite cricketer and I hope he plays really well.” But over all, Dilusha is looking forward to a good game. “I don’t care much about who wins or loses. I am just looking forward to watching some good

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