Siddhapura village in darkness

Villagers join hands to help Chescom re-install toppled poles

Villagers carrying an electric pole, making their way through inundated fields at Nalvathekre village near Siddhapura.  DH Photo

Hundreds of electricity poles fell breaking electricity connection to the villages. One such unfortunate village is the Nalvathekre village.

This village is setting an example for others as the villagers have come together to install the toppled electric poles by themselves through Sharamadaana. The villagers are carrying the poles and installing it in the villages wherever it is necessary to help the Chescom officials provide them electric connection all over again.

The village is submerged in water but it is facing drinking water problem due to power failure. Chescom officials as precautionary measure cut off power supply to this village when river Cauvery crossed danger-level. Due to this, there has been no power in the village over the last 10 days.

The works of installing poles has been proceeding in full swing in the village and youth from the village have been toiling hard to take the electric poles amidst the inundated fields, thereby bagging huge appreciation from Chescom officials as well as the local residents.

Since the villagers have taken up about half of the responsibility of the Chescom, the burden of Chescom has reduced to a large extent and now Chescom has started laying the cables on the poles and the village is expected to see light by Wednesday evening.

All in all, heavy rains or floods, the people of Nalvathekre village have taught a lesson as to how effectively works can be done when general public join hands with the Government departments, rather than leaving everything upon the government and officials.

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