'Ban organisations which harm society'

'Ban organisations which harm society'

Social activist Vincent Alva addresses a rally staged by various organisations in protest against filing of cases against ashrams, in front of DC’s office on Monday. DH Photo

At a protest staged by various like-minded organisations including International Federation of Karnataka Christian Associations, Catholic Sabha, Akhila Bharatiya Rashtriya Congress and DSS, in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office on Monday, the leaders of the organisations submitted a memorandum to the DC to be forwarded to the Governor.

Addressing the protest rally, Corporator Mariyamma Thomas came down heavily on the fundamentalists and urged the Governor to ban all those organisations which are indulging in mischief and creating trouble in the society.

“Recent incidents like filing false complaints on Ebisizer Ashrama in Haleyangadi, filing criminal case against MCC Opposition leader Lancylot Pinto on baseless allegations (of conversion) and tormenting the students of Stella Mary’s convent were all pre-planned and baseless.  Despite the Catholics serving the backward and disabled persons by opening remand homes and ashrams they have been targeted by the Bajrang Dal. The Governor should immediately take action so that the culprits are arrested,” she said.

She also urged the authorities to suspend Child Welfare Committee President Asha Nayak and Women and Child Welfare Department Deputy Director Shakunthala from their posts as they were acting as the agents of right wing forces.

Social activist Vincent Alva flayed the police for acting in favour of the right wing organisations by showing their inaction during critical situations. “According to the recent census, Chirtstian population in the region is decreasing. Then what proof do you need to show that Christians are not indulging in conversion?” he asked.

He challenged the attackers to adopt one child each and look after its education just like the way the Catholic Ashrams do.