Dempo go down tamely to Nasaf FC

Dempo go down tamely to Nasaf FC

 The Uzbeks were off to a dream start picking up two goals in the first 15 minutes to send the I-League champions right on the back foot.

Ilhom Unisov drew first blood for the visitors in the 4th minute, while Lutfulla Turaev added another one in the 11th minute. The Uzbeks earned their third goal in the 72nd minute when Mirhoidirshaev Shuhratbek found the target before Perrepotkins Andrejs made it 4-0 in the 84th minute.

Nasaf consolidated their position at the top of Group A with nine points from three games, while Dempo have just managed three points from as many matches.

Nasaf were all over Dempo SC after the kick off and took less than four minutes to go one up through medio Yunusov that left the home crowd dazed.

The goal rattled Dempo, who struggled to get to terms with Nasaf.