Card holder gets eight bills bearing different names!

Credit card companys shocker

But what G Sreevaran, a credit card holder from the Bangalore received, bordered on the incredible: eight such statements, carrying eight different names, landed at his doorstep, because each of those carried his address and even his phone number!

Sreevaran’s wife Radha Sreevaran said the ICICI credit card bills were delivered to their house under the names of Meenakshi Karthik Kaundinya, Avadesh Khadelwal, Yogesh K Thakur, V Senthil Kumar, D Irudayaraj, Sakuntala Agrawal, R Nagendraraja and Wasim Mohammed Shaikh; all the bills were delivered on the same day. Interestingly, Sreevaran got an e-statement of his own credit card bill on Wednesday, with an SMS from the bank acknowledging the delivery.

“We only have one credit card from ICICI Bank. So, I don't understand how this has happened," she said. Although the amortisation s chedule attached to all the eight bill statements carried her husband’s credit card number, the covering letter had the name of a different customer with the credit card number of that person.

Radha said they were staying in their own house and it had never been let out. “This is the height! The amount mentioned in the amortisation schedules of all eight bills tally with our e-statement but the name and the credit card number in the cover letters don’t. Our concern is that if one of these customers is a defaulter, the bank will come to our gate. This has certainly given us a lot of trauma,” she said.

Sreevaran said that it seemed that the bank had divided his amounts in the itemised bill under eight different names. 

When contacted, an ICICI bank spokesperson said, “The bank has received the complaint and will investigate the matter.”

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