NCW seeking report on sisters, feels society should be alert

NCW seeking report on sisters, feels society should be alert

"The Noida case has disturbed me a lot. We are seeking a report from the administration and police there. If we are not satisfied, we might constitute a team and visit the spot," NCW acting chairperson Yasmeen Abrar told reporters here.

In a shocking case, sisters Anuradha and Sonali were found in a dehydrated state by police and an NGO yesterday in their Sector 59 apartment after six months of self-confinement. Anuradha died this morning at a hospital.

To a query about whether the area residents welfare association should be taken to task, Abrar said civil society has a key role to play in preventing such incidents.
"They were confined for such a long time. I feel that civil society has a role. The society should monitor, be aware, come forward," she said.

If such things happen, the neighbourhood comes to know. If one day the door has not been opened, they know. The people living in the neighbourhood remained silent. If everyone keeps within themselves, that will not work." She said the matter should be looked into in all seriousness including what are reasons or the situation which prompted it, whether any property issue was involved or there was any possibility that they were kept confined and whether the reports that are coming out in media reflect the actual situation. "It looks like there is something wrong," she said.

Abrar, addressing the media for the first time after taking charge following the end of tenure of Girija Vyas, said she will follow the NCW's existing policy of 'chalen gaon ke ore' (let us go to the village) and strive to take the commission to the grassroots to ensure freedom for all women.

A monitoring committee will soon be formed to look into implementation of women-centric laws and other such schemes in states with the help of governments there, Abrar, a member of the women's panel since 2005, said. She said amendments in the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex selection) Act, proper implementation of Domestic Violence Act and the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill will be NCW's priority areas to push for in the Monsoon session of Parliament.

To a question on safety of women in Delhi, Abrar said law and order situation should be strengthened in the city. "There are strong laws, but we have to implement them properly. Police, civil society and media have a role to play in this regard," she said adding, the Commission has already held consultation with the city Police Commissioner and laid out a seven-point programme to make the city safer.