'Disappointed with Williams'

'Disappointed with Williams'

Force Indias Hulkenberg insists team will continue to improve

Nico Hulkenberg

Hulkenberg, who is considered by many as the most successful driver in the A1 Grand Prix following his effort to fetch Germany a crown for the 2006-07 crown, said he was initially disappointed with Williams’ move to drop him for Pastor Maldonado of Venezuela but grew out of it soon.

“I was very disappointed with the incident,” said Hulkenberg, who was in the City for the launch of Force India’s ‘Hunt for one in a billion’ F1 training programme on Tuesday. “But on the brighter side, I was picked up by a good team and I feel very welcome and very comfortable with them.”

Further elaborating about the snub, Hulkenberg said: “They thought of me as a long term project and they were not unhappy with my performance but they started losing sponsors. They needed a paid driver and Maldonado fits the bill.  “That’s the thing that teams have no choice... They have to ensure they are still racing and for that they need to give up on talent and get a driver who brings in a lot of money,” he added.

There has been an ongoing discussion on Formula One shifting from Bridgestone to Pirelli tyres and also single seater event’s use of Kinetic Energy Recovery System but Hulkenberg said he was impressed with KERS and also thought the new tyres are okay.
“I like KERS, it’s a good system but the rear-wing system needs some work,” said Hulkenberg.

“We are given the option of playing around with it as much as we want during practice sessions and qualifying but during the race we can only use it on the main stretch only to overtake, that too if we are within a certain distance of the car. They should have the same rule apply right through three days because it becomes hard otherwise,” Hulkenberg added.

When asked about the performance of Force India’s VJM04, Hulkenberg said: “The car needs more downforce because that itself will win you races. You see the Red Bulls are stuck to the ground when cornering and that’s what is winning them races. We will have a couple of updates soon and let’s see how it turns out.”