Promoting vedic astrology

Promoting vedic astrology

Sukumara Alampady of Kasaragod provoked by this age-long quest and controversy made an in-depth study of ancient and modern works on the subject and his probe and research led him to write a significant work on the subject.

According to Alampady, though many theories are put forth, only few like Mars within theory can explain the results in astrology conclusively. But the basic assumptions there upon yet need proofs other than circumstantial evidences. To cope within the parameters of modern science, Alampady says the Astrology as such cannot be proved under the modern scientific temper.

But this does not mean that astrology is not a science but the modes of arriving at the results that are to be substantiated by research.

His vision of present day astrology which he says has been greatly influenced by Vedic thoughts inspired Sukumara Alampady to write his first work on Astrology in Kannada language titled ‘Prayogika Phala Jothishya’. Recently, Alampady rendered his work into English under the title ‘Practical Predictive Astrology,’ a model textbook for Vedic Astrology.

Alampady is sure his work will be of immense use for serious and honest studies on astrology. “If we agree that astrology is not fatalism but the law of probability based upon human characters as depicted by planets, astrology can come up to the parameters of modern science also,” he says.

Sukumara Alampady hails from the renowned Shanubhag family of Kasaragod and is well known in the literary circle of Kasaragod as an important functioning of the Gadinadu Unit of Kannada Sahitya Parishat.

An agriculturist, a graduate in science, a critic of music and lover of Yakshagana, Almapady is a voracious reader and researcher.

His study enabled Alampady to develop his own vision of Astropsychology which helps to rectify the defects and deficiency in human character through analysing horoscopes. His book on astrology dealing with astropsychological dimension is useful to all in the present scenario.

Alampady through his study and research conducted a revisit to vedic astrology from the present days Astrological thinking, there are many clues regarding this in the Vedas and the contemporary epics. Based on the clues to regain Vedic concept of Astrology is the vision of Sukumara Alampady and his mission is to propagate the vision among the interested masses.

Sukumara Alampady has brought out his two books as part of the project to publish ‘Astropsychology book series’.