Slow and unsteady are the JnNURM projects

Slow and unsteady are the JnNURM projects

BBMP officials have stated that only 60-70 percent of the projects have been completed over the past four years, since being granted the JnNURM funds.
Apart from the Tagore Circle underpass, the BBMP still lags behind in the completion of major infrastructure projects like the Kadirenahalli and CNR Rao Junction underpasses and the housing projects for slum dwellers under the Basic Services for Urban Poor (BSUP) head.

Under the JnNURM, with 35 per cent of the funds due from the Centre and 15 per cent from the State government, the Palike has managed to garner the promised grants from both, despite delays in raising its own share of 50 per cent of the cost.

The delays in the completion of projects, be it the BSUP schemes or infrastructure, have been attributed by the BBMP to the stalemate on the election to the municipal body till last year. Apart from these, lack of pro-active measures in implementing reforms at the BBMP has also been considered by some as a prime reason for funds to the Palike being stalled. Reforms involving digitisation of property tax details and making the Palike services available online were delayed over the past four years, in turn delaying the Central grants.

Nonetheless, the BBMP has been able to manage the release of nearly Rs 450 crore towards its projects from the Central and the State governments.

“We had a detailed meeting in this regard with the State and the Central government officials to discuss the possibilities for additional funding towards the projects. It has been agreed to increase our allocation to Rs 970 crore, with the additional funding to be generated from our own coffers,” says a Palike officer.
It is learnt that the BBMP received the last installment of JnNURM allocations to the tune of Rs 200 crore last month.

As a result, the BBMP will now have an additional time of six months to complete the project with an agreement reached with the Central and the State authorities over the extension of the completion period for the projects.