Doing their owners proud

Doing their owners proud

Adorable: A dog taking its master for a walk.  DH Photos by Vasu M N

St Joseph’s College of Commerce held a pet show as a part of their on-going intra-college cultural fest titled Kalotsav-2009.

This pet show was organised in association with CUPA to spread awareness against
cruelty to animals which was part of the over all theme chosen this year – Heal the World. “This time we wanted to do something that is more socially relevant. We want to build a better world for the future,” said Avinash Rego, the President of the students union.

Man’s best friends turned up in droves. Big, fat, lazy ones, small, tiny, yuppy ones, caged, feathered friends, wet water fiends all made their journey to compete in this show. Fiesty little pugs took on drool machine St Bernards. Great Danes stood regally aloof, labradors made pals with each other. A sultry Persian cat huddled in its carry case. Love birds Bunty and Bubli played together.

 The canine brigade

converted the pet show into a dog show by sheer numbers. The owners were as excited as their furry buddies. The dogs took their masters for a jog at every chance they got.
“People who can’t control their dogs tie yourself to them, let your dogs pull you”, the emcee advised. 

The pet show was judged by card holding CUPA members. The owners had to register their pets and decide under what categories they would show their pets. The categories were Most Talented, Most Disobedient, Best Groomed, Best Smile, Prettiest Eyes and the Prince and Princess of SJCC.

Bright orange road cones were placed in a circular fashion, the pets had to take a walk around the circle and then make their way to the judging arena. The judges spent a minute or two examining the pets. The pets were then ushered away and handed a treat.

All the pets performed beautifully. It was a sight to watch with over 30 animals hanging about together in relative calm. No fights broke out.

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