Sundeep takes pole position

Sundeep takes pole position

Gulati opened his account for the day with a 7-5 victory over Sumit Talwar, then blanked Alok 7-0 before wrapping up his day with a 7-2 defeat of Neeraj Kumar.

Gulati thus topped Camp Y and also topped the combined standings after two camps. Neena Praveen blazed past Keerat Bhandal 7-0 and Suniti Damani 7-2 to sign off first in the ladies section.


Men : 8-ball (Y): Rafat Habib bt Alok Kumar 7-6; A Kumar bt Neeraj Kumar 7-5; Sundeep Gulati bt Sumit Talwar 7-5; Divya Sharma bt Balaji Reddy 7-1; Lalrinsanga bt R Habib 7-3; S Gulati bt A Kumar 7-0; S Talwar bt N Kumar 7-2; R Habib bt D Sharma 7-6; D Sharma bt Lalrinsanga 7-3; R Habib bt B Reddy 7-1; S Gulati bt N Kumar 7-2; S Talwar bt A Kumar 7-3. Overall ranking (after x+y): S Gulati 1; S Talwar 2; A Kumar 3; D Sharma 4; N Kumar 5; R Habib 6; Lalrinsanga 7; B Reddy 8.
Ranking in Camp (Y): S Gulati 1; S Talwar 2; R Habib 3; D Sharma 4; A Kumar 5; N Kumar 6; Lalrinsanga 7; B Reddy 8.

Women: 9-ball (Camp II): Neena Praveen bt Keerat Bhandal 7-0; Neena P bt Indira Gowda 7-5; Keerat B bt Suniti Damani 7-4; Suniti D bt Indira G 7-3; Indira G bt Keerat B 7-4; Neena P bt Suniti D 7-2.

Overall ranking (after X+Y+Z): Neena P 1; Indira G 2; Suniti D 3; Keerat B 4.
Ranking in Camp (Z): Same as overall ranking.