Docu on Wiki explores feuds, limitations

Docu on Wiki explores feuds, limitations

Between the lines

 However, various limitations and internal fueds within the nonprofit media organisation that has published private, secret and classified media are set to be made public soon through a video.

Discovery channel is set to showcase a hard-hitting video document revealing among other things the limitations and feuds within the team Wikileaks.

Directed by award-winning investigative reporters Paul Moreira and Luc Hermann from the French press agency Premieres Lignes, the film explores whether team Wikileaks are modern day heroes helping their fellow men or just irresponsible hackers out for fame and glory.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the former spokesperson of the whistle blower website answers this question in the video. He says, “I call myself a hacker in a way, who is bringing a change in the system.”

The film is aimed at reeling the strengths and weaknesses of Wikileaks, the myths and mysteries concerning it and the constraints, especially financial, that ultimately paralysed the existence of the website.

Though, the revelations of Wikileaks have given nightmares to the most powerful nations of the world, it’s founder Julian Assange, in the video, says, “these documents (US military secrets on Iraq published over the website) are the basic ingredients for any investigation.”

Operating from different offices guarded with a Matrix-like security, the popular website has its own share of enemies. The biggest threat, says the video, comes from the US army from whom Wikileaks has spirited away hundreds of thousands of state secrets.Through interviews with an Iraq veteran, journalists, founder and spokesperson of Wikileaks, the video highlights that the website is created in a way that the whistle blowers remain anonymous through the project itself.

Mapping the growth and associations that welcomed Wikileaks, in its movement, the film brings to forth “New York Times”, “The Guardian” and “Le Monde” newspapers among others.

The senior journalists at these places evaluated, decoded and deciphered the information released by Wikileaks.

The video document states that media coverage made Assange “a darling of the academic circles”, but this created a fued within the team.