A German gets tech-savvy here

A German gets tech-savvy here


Each city with endless pleasant surprises is an entirely new world within itself. With wholesome wonder of architectural styles and art treasures, every piece of land in this magnificent ‘Bundesrepublik Deutschland’ (Federal Republic of Germany) is carved with distinctive lifestyle.

South Germany has some splendid reminiscence of French influence wrapped in the layers of atmospheric phenomenon. Freiberg, Heidelberg and Tubingen stands as testimony for the French sway. Being an industrial powerhouse, Germany is one of the world’s biggest car producers with different car brands like Mercedes, BMW and VW.
German conundrum is the blend of beer and wine that gives the experience of half timbered countryside with cobble stoned and castle shadowed lanes.

Right from the skiing Alpine peaks to mountaineering cautiously preserved forests, Republic of Germany stands before you with gorgeous vine-covered valleys rimmed with cute little green stemmed meadows.

Germany known for world’s greatest parties ‘Oktoberfest’ shelters the perfect cocktail of tradition and modernisation. Here is Moritz from Bremen, a town in South Germany who has done with his one semester course on Computer Science Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology and back again in Manipal enchanting his candid experiences of India before the readers of City Herald.

Why did you choose India for your studies?

Moritz: I was here for one semester work. I preferred India because I wanted to study different culture not same like in Europe. We should go outside Germany to study as the entire country is media informatics.

How do you find India and people over here?

India is awesome. People here are friendly. So many people with different cultures. People in South are friendly and relaxed when compared to North India, who are more aggressive and rough.

How about education in Germany and the expenses incurred when compared to the fee structure in India?

In Germany, the education process makes us learn on our own. We have to teach ourself. In India, it is entirely different. Studying in Germany is free with government support. In India, it is bit costlier.
Have you travelled in India?

I have travelled to many places in India. Agra, Gwallior, Mumbai, Kerala, Kanyakumari, Goa, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Hampi, Murudeshwara and Gokarna. I liked Andaman for its crystal blue water and cheaper stay.

What do you feel about Indian culture?

I like Indian culture, but I don’t like the customs and rituals practiced here, the one like arranged marriage. Even I don’t like children being dependent on parents and parents control over them. In Germany, it is of more freedom that helps you to develop yourself. You can do what you want in Germany and absolutely parents never restrict you for anything.

Food in India?

It is spicy and I had difficulty in adjusting to the food over here. However, now I am comfortable with it. I like Paneer batura very much.

Politics in India?

Democracy in India is similar to Germany. I feel the process is going pretty good way.

Life in India?

More fun although it is not easy and organised like in Germany. In Germany, life is very easy and everything is well organised. Here you need to struggle for everything. It is bureaucratic.

Your future plans?

I want to pursue Masters in Computer Science Engineering back at home.

Will you advise India for your friends back in Germany?

I will recommend India to my friends as stay in India is a good experience.