Drinking water being diverted to build check dam

Drinking water being diverted to build check dam

Contractor in Siddapura fills pit with water meant for village

Women in Siddapura, Shidlaghatta taluk, queue up at a water tank. dh photo

This is the scene witnessed now-a-days in the taluk’s Siddapura village as the contractor is filling up the pit with drinking water meant for the villagers.

In Siddapura village which comes under Y Hunasenahalli gram panchayat, a check dam is being build right next to the road. A temporary pit is build to store water to build the dam.

The villagers are not getting the water as it is diverted into the pit through a pipe. With the onset of summer, there is water problem everywhere. But the villagers here are a unlucky lot as they do not get drinking water even though there is water available.

The villagers have expressed their anger as the contractor is using the drinking water meant for them to construct a dam.

“There is a borewell by the road, but right next to the road a check dam is still being build.

There is no necessity to build this dam here. As there is no canal or flow of water, it is unscientific to build a check dam. It is objectionable to misuse drinking water meant for the village.

The officials should take proper action against this misuse. They should respond to
problems of the people immediately,” urged CPM leader Kundalagurki M Venkatesh.