A combat uniform for women soldiers

A combat uniform for women soldiers

 Through the ages, military gear has been made with the male physique in mind, but now designers are coming up with the body armour for women combatants.

Seven hundred women army troops in the US are testing a new combat uniform that better suits the contours of their body with shorter sleeves and with knee pads in the right place for their generally shorter legs.

For women fighter and transport pilots, the designers have made special flight suits making it unnecessary to disrobe before urinating in flight.

The tests are in final stages and the new combat suits for women soldiers and pilots could be introduced in weeks, the tabloid Daily Mail reported.

Along with new combat uniforms, women would also get special body armour which have been developed after taking views of American women combatants’ experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The goal is to give the approximately 70,000 women in the army a better-fitting and more professional looking uniform that doesn’t stand out when they are in formation,” the Mail reported.